Indoor power training for cyclists of different abilities and levels of fitness.

Welcome to Bike2Max Studio

Bike2Max is a power-based indoor cycle training studio situated in Kenilworth, Cape Town. At Bike2Max Studio we help you become the best cyclist you can be. Utilizing the CycleOps Pro Indoor Cycle with built-in PowerTap technology and our unique VT Fitness training app, you train according to your personal goals and power training zones that will be determined when you sign up. Once you have signed up and performed your supervised assessment your daily training will be developed by a Sport Scientist and a Cycling South Africa coaches.


Personalised training program.

Individualized training zones.

Monitoring and supervision.

Structured workouts.

Workout adjustment.

Strava and Trainingpeaks sync.

Specific Training

Individualised training programs are drawn up based on your goals, experience, and current fitness. Your fitness is determined by a 20-min maximal-effort ride (the so-called functional threshold power or FTP); the average power and associated heart rate from this ride are used to determine your training zones. The training model at Bike2max is that you do 2-3 supervised indoor sessions per week, with your remaining outdoor or home-based rides being less specific and usually less intense.

Although the sessions are run as classes, everyone does their own specific training, so the training sessions are thus completely specific to your requirements, rather than everyone doing the same session for a given class. The intensity of the training sessions is set according to power output, as a percentage of the FTP, while the heart rate response is used as a secondary measure of the intensity.

Training sessions are generally 70 minutes long, although longer sessions are allowed if the cycle is available beyond that class.

Our Equipment


Bike2max uses Phantom 3 power-measuring indoor cycles that has been built around a POWERTAP hub for an accurate and precise measurement of power output, and a heart rate strap is provided to record your heart rate response to the power. All the usual riding data is displayed on a tablet while you ride, and is automatically downloaded to a web-based training log for monitoring your progress and reviewing the training. In this way the training composition and intensity is updated in response to your progress.
The cycles are equipped with the most commonly used pedals (Look, SPD and Shimano), and the saddles and handlebars are fully-adjustable, to enable you to replicate your usual riding position for maximal comfort and power output.


Our team

Ian Rodger, Founder

Position: Head Coach

About:  Ian is a UCT Sport Scientist and Cycling South Africa Level 2 Coach who has been coaching cyclist of all disciplines and levels using power-based training for over 20 years. His training approach is to emphasize target times at specific intensities based on a rider's goals, history, and current capacities, to obtain the best racing result.

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